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So You are tired of searching for free amazon gift cards only thousands of fake sites which promise of giving away gift cards. You must have seen their incredible looking landing pages and generators.

Today i am going to give you the best and genuine methods to get free amazon gift cards in 2019 and 2020.

So we have tried our best to cover the best and easy ways to get Amazon gift cards instantly. You may do not get the amazon gift cards instantly but following these tips, you can get real free gift card codes. So what you are going to choose? fake landing pages or the complete informative methods to get free gift card codes?

So the great news is that you don’t have to do much effort to get free codes or these methods don’t require any special effort from you. It may involve some little tasks like signing up on another website, like a Facebook page or any other simple task which you can easily do.

So, How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes?

Yes, we already knew your question and that really is something we came across. We have lined up all the working methods which are given below:

1- Amazon Gift Card Codes List 2019

There are thousands of website online which shared free Amazon gift codes which they collect from their members who don’t want to use those codes. Use our tips to get Free Steam Wallet Codes easily and instantly.

In the future, we will try to bring the complete list of the latest Amazon gift cards.

2- Via Amazon Promotions

You should subscribe to the latest Amazon promotional emails to receive the latest updates regarding gift cards.

After you have subscribed to the Amazon promotional email, keep in touch with your inbox and you will see Amazon’s offers regarding gift cards regularly. So you will get the chance to get money back in the form of a gift card upon purchase.

3- Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the best website which is famous in ‘Get Paid To’ Websites. It is the largest website of its kind. Swagbucks gives you plenty of ways to earn reward points which you can use to get gift cards, codes, etc.

So you can earn points via doing some social sharing, local promotions, and other little tasks. You can also join their app which will help you to earn free gift cards on your Android smartphone, iPads, iPhone and other devices.

We know you will love this method once you will go on and try them.

4- PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is also a ‘Get Paid To’ website and they are known for the best support for their users. They have a unique method of making its users to earn reward points and they can transfer those points into their Amazon account in the form of a gift card or codes.

So they have made simple for you to earn free gift card and codes by completing the little tasks.

5- MyPoints

MyPoints is another GPT website which rewards its users for completing a different number of tasks on a daily basis. You can even make money by playing games, reading emails, watching videos and doing shopping online from their sponsors.

So you have simple tasks to do and you can earn free Amazon codes for shopping. Use this little trick and you will know how to get free robux easily.

6- RecycleBank

RecycleBank is one of the best websites i have ever seen. They are doing unique tasks then other GPT websites as their sole purpose is to let people educate about the online world.

You can earn points by reading articles which are about eco-friendly methods and tips. So you can turn your reward points into Amazon gift cards easily.

7- Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing site and which can let you make money easily by doing simple and little tasks. It is also known as mTurk and it isn’t a GPT site.

You can transfer your reward points into your Amazon Pay account, which you can easily spend on buying goods from Amazon. Not only that if you are interested in getting a free amazon gift card you can get paid straight into your bank account. Check this tip to get free eshop codes on in your Nintendo account.

This why i like this website as it gives people a chance to make some extra income. You will have to go through some surveys which are backed by top companies in the market.

8- MySurvey

MySurvey is a website which you can use on both desktop and mobile devices. It is one of the oldest websites which you can use easily.

So, you can easily install their application on your smartphone, earn money/points by completing surveys.

9- Coinstar

Coinstar is a website where you can insert your coins and get cash in return. You can also trade your coins in exchange of free Amazon gift codes.

You can utilize their so many other services and win free codes easily.

10- Bing Rewards

Yes, you heard it right. You can get free Amazon rewards or codes from Bing Rewards. You need to follow a very simple process, just register yourself on Bing Rewards. Afterward, whenever you go and search anything on Bing you will be getting reward points.

They have set a daily limit of earning free rewards so you need to be careful about not abusing the system.

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards?

So, once you get your free Amazon gift card code, you must know how you can redeem your Amazon gift card. Here are simple points which you can follow

  • Step 1: Open your Amazon Account, and then go to the Rewards section.
  • Step 2: Now Select Add gift card to the account and then scroll to the pop up to enter the code.
  • Step 3: Now, Enter your Unique Amazon gift card code.
  • Step 4: Wait for the Verification process for the specific amount to show in your Amazon account.
  • Step 5: Now go to Amazon Online Store and buy anything you want.

Final Words

I have tried my best to cover all the working and easy methods for you to get free Amazon gift card codes.

You can also try our working Amazon Gift Card generator to get codes faster than other sites. Also, we are trying our best to bring the updated list of free amazon gift cards on weekly or monthly basis.

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