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Megapolis MOD APK

Megapolis MOD APK Short Overview:

Everyone wants to build their own personal city that contains everything that they wished and operated exactly as they wanted. Well, now it is possible because Megapolis allows its players to build their own personal city out of from the start. You can create your own urban looking Megapolis city and run it as your own it.

Megapolis is a city building game which has attracted millions of players from around the globe. The game has so many features to offer to the players. You have a whole city to build and grow it as time passed and you get the resources that you need to build and grow your city.

Build your favorite building
Well, a city needs a commercial area to operate. Some shopping malls and attraction points and even some relaxed area. It is your task you provide your people with everything that they need. So build and strategically place all the buildings around your city. Add a residential area for the people to live in and some parks and school as well to keep the money flowing through the city.

Place Real-life Monuments
The best thing is that you can place almost any famous building or monument in the world in your city. Ever wanted to place the Eiffel Tower with the Leaning Tower of Pica? Well, now you can place any building you which is your city.

Build Infrastructure
Provide your people with the necessary infrastructure and the transportation that they need to move around the city. Build roads, place traffic lights, railways, subways and so much more because you can do anything that you wish now.

Megapolis MOD APK Trailer:

How To Earn Unlimited Resources in Megapolis MOD

  • Go to the Form Above
  • Enter your Real Game Username
  • Select the Device/OS Platform
  • Check Infinite Resources Buttons
  • Click on the Final Step Button
  • Due to So Many Resources Requests on a daily basis, we try to avoid bots as much as possible.
  • So you need to verify your identity for participation.
  • Once done, Enjoy Unlimited Resources.
  • Good Luck 🙂