next tomb raider game

The games were great, with the last one once more shifting stress from combat to exploration and puzzle-solving, making it the best Tomb Raider game since 2006’s Anniversary, but with Shadow of the Tomb Raider being the last section of the Origins trilogy a question take place on where the series is heading now that we experienced the formation of the Tomb Raider?

Back to the roots

End of a spoiler alert

This time Lara won’t try to take artifacts just so that the other side cannot get their hold on them; in its place, she could be the guard, allying with native tribes and trying to stop bad guys from taking magical treasures. Tombs could be again the main part of the game (Lara still likes exploring) and the mixture of combat and exploration could be mixed just like in Uncharted 4; less than in the original trilogy but just enough to keep the game lively.

The eternal ruler of the ancient city of Atlantis (Natla’s true identity in the original game) could be a great opponent. She would be even more hazardous than Trinity, and could flee death in one or more games (first or the second) in order to go back to the final piece of the trilogy, with her defeat being the end of the whole story. This way could benefit the series.

A bit more battle, Lara Croft who keeps all those artifacts secure instead of taking them, and the epic story that takes place all over the world across many dramatic locations. This would mix things up a bit. The first three games astonished, but they all listening carefully to just one location per game. And we by now know that the ending found in the unpatched version of the game hints at the go back (or in this case appearance) of Natla. And even the finale we all saw shows a T-Rex along with the pyramid, the two of the three (third being the legendary pair of pistols) most familiar things about the first Tomb Raider.

Exploring the unknown

The story could guide us anywhere and it would be astonishing if people at Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal again created a story worthy of a trilogy. This could be a new Tomb Raider trilogy that would include the full life of next-generation consoles. And while the unpatched conclusion of the game hinted at the reappearance of long-lost characters, developers have the liberty of doing what they think that’s best because they decided to go with another ending meaning they won’t fracture canon in case we see new adventures that aren’t based on Lara Croft legacy of the past couple of decades.

As for the new track regarding the story, it is quite possible for us to see Lara again battling Jacqueline Natla but this time with new side characters, new locations, and a new plot that shouldn’t have lots in common with the first game of the series or the Anniversary that came out in 2007. One thing is sure though; do not expect a new Tomb Raider game anytime soon. The Marvel deal is too big a possibility for making mountains of cash so you can be sure that Square Enix will siphon all of their authority to creating games based on the Marvel universe, particularly if Avengers become successful.

Out forecast is that a new Tomb Raider game will come out in 2022 at the earliest, for the PC and next generation of consoles. All we can do now is to sit and wait and hope that we made a blunder with our prediction regarding the entrance of the next game because Shadow of the Tomb Raider was phenomenal game that took the series back to its roots with its spotlight on exploration and on environmental puzzles found in the game’s wonderful tombs.