roblox rpg games

Roblox has so many RPG games; it’s often tough to keep track of the best ones.

Neverland Lagoon

Neverland Lagoon is pirates and mermaids themed open-world multiplayer RPG game. You’re given the liberty to create your own avatar and buy new accessories like swords or hats. As you play, you’ll meet up with new players and get the chance to explore a large world filled with exciting features.

Dinosaur Simulator

Dinosaur Simulator is a superb RPG Roblox game where you get to play as a dinosaur. As you play, you must maintain an eye out for food, avoid predators, and keep away from natural disasters.

You can shape herds to augment your chance of survival, grow up and then hatch your own dinosaur babies. There are a lot of different experiences to have in Dinosaur Simulator and dozens of hours of fun to be had.


As a police officer, you must hunt down criminals and send them back to prison. No matter what side you select, you can continue to earn money and spend it on new items, new cars, arms, and all sorts of great content.

The developers are forever adding new features and items, so you’ll always have something new to do as well.

Fight the Monsters

Brawl the Monsters is an action-packed RPG game where you are able to fight enormous monsters like dragons, dinosaurs, and robots. As you clash more monsters, you’ll get special drops. You can carry on earning better armaments and armor and slowly becoming tougher.


Whether you’re a bus driver, a cashier, or whatever thing else, you can be paid money from your job and then go used up it on your home, your appearance, and new items for your character.

After work, you get to take part in different actions across the city, just make sure you don’t break any rules because there is a cop presence. Or, if you’d like to, you can desire to go into a life of crime and be forever on the run.

Super Hero Life II

In Super Hero Life II, you get to play as a superhero and wrestle justice. The focus is on creating your own wonderful hero, choosing your powers, and exploring a city together with other players.

When you first begin, you must prefer your appearance and create a description for your character. You also get to select which powers to start with. After that, you can choose to jump into role-play mode or battle mode.

Portal Heroes

Portal Heroes is a little bit like one of those never-ending clicker games in the app store, except that it’s based in a 3D world within a Roblox game.

In Portal Heroes, you must go trip a portal and fight ongoing waves of enemies. As you struggle more enemies, you’ll level up and get the opportunity to equip better gear. The overall objective in Portal Heroes is to keep fighting and keep leveling up.

Animatronics World

You get to play as an animatronics’ and look at a huge open-world as you complete quests, purchase new items, interact with others, and visit different communal spaces.

There is so much to do and observe in Animatronics World, so if you like Five Nights at Freddy’s, you should go and give it a look.

Wolves’ Life 2

Wolves’ Life 2 lets you play as a wolf in an open world next to hundreds of other players. You can talk to players, explore different areas, buy new wolves to play as, and learn tricks. You get given stats on how long you have lived and how you have improved and you can make or join packs, which are like groups within the game.


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